Dolphin Tokeconomy
Dolphin RoadMap
DFFN is our first step for our ecosystem. We will grow together with you.
Thank you all!
Q4 2020
  • 1- We built our team
  • 2- We created our project as a team.
  • 3- We worked hard to build the entire infrastructure and turn it into reality.
  • 1- We created all our social media accounts and offical web site.
  • 2- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Medium, Github, Telegram Groups
  • 3- We created our tokens and deployed Binance Smart Chain Testnet which was successful!
Q1 2021
Q2 2021
  • 1- We deployed our tokens to Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.
  • 2- We distributed 1.5% DFFN to 55 participants participating in the DFFN testnet.
  • 3- We made our application for our first AUDIT report and received it.
  • 4- We opened WHITELIST applications
  • 5- We sent 1,000,000 DFFN to those who joined our airdrop bot
  • 6- We burned 182.500.000.000 DFFN (%50 of Total Supl.)
  • 7- We announced the Whitelist winners and make our first sale.
  • 8- Pre-Sale Finished (5 years locked)
  • 9- Now we are on Pancakeswap, BakerySwap
Q3 2021
  • 1- We are going to receive the Solidity Finance AUDIT report
  • 2- We are going to contact the world's top 50 crypto exchanges.
  • 3- We are going to list on COINGECKO and COINMARKETCAP.
  • 4- We are going to contact with "ALS Short Bot" (the most profitable in the world) Tradingview and 3commas Bots.
  • 5- We are going to give ALS's memberships (free / discounted) to DFFN holders.
  • 1- We are going to establish our decentralized exchange INVSWAP
  • 2- We are going to airdrop the token of our decentralized exchange to DFFN holders.
  • 3- We are going to sell the tokens of our decentralized exchange to the public. DFFN going to list on some global crypto exchanges.
  • 4- Bitmart, Mxc, Hitbtc, Bitrue
  • 5- We are going to contact the world's top 10 crypto exchanges.
Q4 2021
Q1 2022
  • 1- We are going to launch a crypto wallet application for our ecosystem and other cryptocurrency. (IOS/ANDROID/WINDOWS)
  • 2- DFFN is going to list on some top 10 global crypto exchanges.
  • 3- KuCoin, Huobi,, Binance, Kraken If we need, we can create a non-fungible marketplace and creat a NFT Token.If you are a DFFN holder, we can airdrop our NTF token to you.
Dolphin Finance
Dolphin Token
You can now buy Dolphin tokens on Pancakeswap and INVSwap decentralized exchanges.