Dolphin Finance for Nature

Save the nature, save the world, save the future

About DFFN

Dolphin Finance for Nature

We are ordinary people who are working as a team to save the future of the world. Why should you join us? Because we can make better altogether.


Unfortunately, our world continues to get sick every day. Some volunteer try to do their best to protect and save the world.

For this reason, we wanted to contribute to these people and organizations. Here are some topics.

  • Air pollution

  • Water pollution

  • Soil pollution

  • Animal welfare

  • Drought, Hunger, Poverty

If you care about the future of the world as we do, join us. Together we can do much better things.

Token Economy

Max Supply 365,000,000,000 DFFN

Click for DFFN's contract addres
When the whitepaper applications are over, we burned %64,50 of the total supply 64,5%
Market Places - locked 6 years
(24 pieces - per 3 months unlock ) 15%
locked 1 Year (per 6 months unlock) 5.75%
We are going to send 1,000,000 DFFN to those who joined our airdrop bot 0.25%
Early Investor
Testnet participants - (55 People) WE ARE GOING TO SEND tokens AFTER 24 hours' THE PUBLIC SALE. 1.5%
Token distribution 6 hours after public sale 6.5%
Pre-Sale & PancakeSwap
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Burned DFFN

Market Cap $

Charity Wallet DFFN

We will donate to these organizations and associations every month and share receipts with you.

Road Map

Dolphin Finance For Nature

DFFN is our first step for our ecosystem. We will grow together with you.
Thank you all!

Q4 2020

We built our team
We created our project as a team.
We worked hard to build the entire infrastructure and turn it into reality.

Q1 2021

We created all our social media accounts and offical web site.
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Medium, Github, Telegram Groups
We created our tokens and deployed Binance Smart Chain Testnet which was successful!

Q2 2021

We deployed our tokens to Binance Smart Chain Mainnet.
We distributed 1.5% DFFN to 55 participants participating in the DFFN testnet.
We made our application for our first AUDIT report and received it.
We opened WHITELIST applications
We sent 1,000,000 DFFN to those who joined our airdrop bot
We burned 182.500.000.000 DFFN (%50 of Total Supl.)
We announced the Whitelist winners and make our first sale.
We are going to make pre-sale.(Locked)

Public-Sale going to start on many platforms. Pancakeswap, BakerySwap

Q3 2021

We are going to receive the Solidity Finance AUDIT report
We are going to contact the world's top 50 crypto exchanges.
We are going to list on COINGECKO and COINMARKETCAP.
We are going to contact with "ALS Short Bot" (the most profitable in the world) Tradingview and 3commas Bots.
We are going to give ALS's memberships (free / discounted) to DFFN holders.

Q4 2021

We are going to establish our decentralized exchange INVSWAP
We are going to airdrop the token of our decentralized exchange to DFFN holders.
We are going to sell the tokens of our decentralized exchange to the public.
DFFN going to list on some global crypto exchanges.
Bitmart, Mxc, Hitbtc, Bitrue
We are going to contact the world's top 10 crypto exchanges.

Q1 2022

We are going to launch a crypto wallet application for our ecosystem and other cryptocurrency. (IOS/ANDROID/WINDOWS)
DFFN is going to list on some top 10 global crypto exchanges.
KuCoin, Huobi,, Binance, Kraken
If we need, we can create a non-fungible marketplace and creat a NFT Token.If you are a DFFN holder, we can airdrop our NTF token to you.
Please, stay tuned


Our Team

Although our team seems like 4 people, we are actually a very big family.
We hope you will join us. We will give representations all over the world.


Founder of Dolphin Finance FN
J.Nelson - Canada
Hello, I am a volunteer working for nature. When I wanted to build the DFFN project, I needed a big team for it. I talked to many of my friends about this. How can we make this project global? Then, as a result of my research, we thought that the best way to do this would be with tokens. For this reason, we started our DFFN project by meeting with various institutions and organizations.I hope we can create a much more livable world for everyone. Thanks.


DFFN Turkey Representative
S.Avci - Turkey
Hello, I am very happy to be a part of this project. I am not a software developer or designer. I am just someone who loves nature and works for nature. Jesus is my friend. Jesus asked me if I would be involved in this project, he talked about the project. I accepted and started my duty as a Turkey representative. It would be wrong not to accept this project when there are so many issues to help in Turkey. I think it will be good for both the world and our country. hope everything will be fine


BlockChain Specialist
M. Rehman Hassan - Pakistan
Hello, I am a blockchain specialist with expertise in Token development. It has been my pleasure to be part of DFFN team. Choosing this project means a lot for me because of the unique features and excellent project.


DFFN Frontend Dev.
S. Bawa - India
I am a person who has been dealing with various software languages for a long time and has mastered ethereum and bsc network. I do web design and software works on various platforms as a freelancer. The DFFN project is exciting for me. I think it will be very good.